Wikileaks Website hackers Ourmine Website Defaced by Turkish Hackers

A group of Turkish Hackers dubbed as JRB Ops successfully defaced a page on the sub domain of the official website of Ourmine hacking group.

The users visiting the domain are being greeted with a custom webpage with black background with title “Jonturk75 & RootDevilz & Bozkurt97” with a message “When a hacker group gets hacked by an other group, the hacked one will been lamer for the one who hack em.” followed by “What if one when get hacked?

Ourmine’s subdomain appears to be defaced only, while homepage “” appears to be working fine. It’s hard to tell if their server’s got compromised or is their subdomain hosted on a different server that got hacked by the said hackers.

On the other hand, Ourmine is a nototious hacking group recently hacked the official website of the non-profit whistle blower wikileaks website last Auguts 31, 2017 for vengeful intent.

Ourmine Hacking group message to wikileaks

At the time of writing and publishing this article, the website’s subdomain remained defaced and in case it got fixed, Hackers created a defaced mirror, so the users may check mirror at Zone-H. This article will be updated upon receiving new information about the hack.



Manny Cuevas

My name is Manny Cuevas a Security Researcher / Engineer for about 15 years that focuses on Web and Mobile applications and other platforms from the Island of Sulu, Philippines. I’m also a scientist, inventor and a top ranked hacker in the world that bypass all security systems.


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